Projects & Lists

Organise your tasks into separate projects or lists. This is a great way to organise your thoughts. You might like to create a project for your next app or website, or a grocery list to share with your family, a list of movies you've been dying to see, or a travel itinerary for your next holiday.

Tasks & Subtasks

Track things to do, or just things you want to remember for later. You can even create subtasks for those times when you want to break things down into smaller chunks. There is also a space to store more information in the form of descriptive notes, bullet points, hyperlinks & more.

Sync & Sharing

Sync your data to iCloud™, so that it will be available on all of your iCloud enabled Apple™ devices. Sharing projects with other iCloud users is also available.

Attachments, Reminders & more

Keep related photos & documents together in one place and always be reminded about those important tasks. Categorise your tasks so that you can search & filter for them when you have too many to count. Add notes to your task for when you need to record more details.